Facebook Creative Labs is a powerful place to find innovative ideas and to bring the idea to a prototype…!

"Facebook efforts to advance the art and science of mobile software development both inside and outside the company are part of an enormous change in recent years across Silicon Valley and beyond. A world of internet companies and independent developers are now regularly open-sourcing and freely discussing the software used to build and operate even their newest products and services, and in doing so, they’re pushing technology forward at a faster rate than ever…"

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This is what I call a deal… 

- Flipboard is buying Zite from CNN for about $60M.

- CNN bought Zite 3 years ago for about $20M.

- Flipboard can now integrate the complete CNN content with over 300Feeds.

- Unfortunately, they will shut down Zite… I loved it; sometime preferred it compared to Flipboard….

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Flipboard shows that it’s the big player among Personalized News Aggregators… However, I didn’t expect that News360 has much more traffic than Zite…

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Facebook Paper…

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"Mark Zuckerberg has finally done it." Facebooks Paper App is the ultimative Personalized News Aggregator… 

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"The chief executive of Flipboard, the news and social media app, says entrepreneurs don’t have to focus on tiny, niche companies."

A nice interview with Mike McCue…

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By Mike Kerns, Vice President, Product

The first thing that I do every morning and the last thing that I do every night is check the news. I’m not alone, as millions of you turn to Yahoo! News throughout the day to get your fix.

Today, Yahoo! News is unveiling a more personal, intuitive…

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is planing something big for news reading.The internal project name of “Reader” is in development since one year. Having in mind, that Google just closed its Google Reader, I’m excited what Facebook is planing…

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There is a new and updated version of Zite!

Zite, one of my favorite PNA has just released a new version in the App Store! These are the main improvements of the App… 


It’s easier to find sources you’re interested in. Thumb up any article you like and Zite will show you the publication along with related topics.


Zite intelligently finds and highlights important quotes in articles.

Read State:

Zite makes it easier to keep track of what you’ve read. Stories you’ve read are “greyed out”, and we’ll sync that across all your devices.

More information at:

Official Zite Blog

Take a look at it on the iTunes App Store:

Zite at the AppStore

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